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Howarths Financial Service’s, protecting your investments

Today we had the pleasure of installing new signage at Howarths Financial Services in Honley, we love the opportunity to work with companies who do work for us as it’s away good to give something back.

The space we had to work with was not the biggest and as it was going near the exit to a roundabout we wanted it to have a good presence. 

Instead of a standard square corner tray we fabricated the tray into the shape of a shield which is part of their existing logo. This not only looks great but shows the protecting aspect of their business to their customers investments. 


The shield is made from dark blue Di-bond aluminium with a brushed silver vinyl added to the edge to help the shape stand out.


Size is not everything when it comes to signage. 


We kept the name tray nice and simple so that it is easy for the company name to be read.